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Orlando Holy Land Experience Florida Theme Park Main Idea of Biblical Park and Museum

The main idea of ​​the park and museum is the life of the Bible and their holy places, as it existed 2000 years ago. Thus, in a sense, this park is like a time machine, taking you back to ancient times. Featured exhibits to help rebuild the time to start the story of the Bible. Scriptorium Center is part of the park, it is more important ancient academic biblical manuscripts held. Here is how the Holy Land Experience Web site describes it:

"The experience of walking traffic through Scriptorium where tourists documents show the origin of the Bible, and gives guests the Bible, how it is parallel to the dramatic history of civilization history and geographical areas to understand the world, its influence the world

Biblical Park and Museum Orlando Holy Land Experience Florida Theme Park

Biblical Park and Museum Orlando Holy Land Experience Florida Theme Park

Another important exhibition of the wilderness act. This is the implementation of the process of moving the temple where the Israelites wandering in the wilderness forty years of worship entertainment. The presentation is to provide an understanding of the visitors into the rituals and sacrifices in this era provided.

If you are curious to know Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, looked at, Jerusalem Model AD 66 places to visit. This exhibition is the world's largest indoor model of its kind. This is a 25-foot-long structure gives a 45, what Jerusalem looked at it as the size and growth of highly impressive overview. Daily briefing about the city's history, from it as the capital of King David to by the Romans in AD 70 destruction of the beginning.

Biblical Park and Museum Orlando Holy Land Experience Florida Theme Park

Biblical Park and Museum Orlando Holy Land Experience Florida Theme Park

When you visit the Holy Land Experience, you do not just hang on the wall in the exhibit or to see pictures, you also have the opportunity to present and explain the world to learn who the Holy Bible archaeologists. If you arrive when the park opens, and then must go to one of 30 passing for archaeologists tour minutes. Other speakers include Moses introduced to explore Moses, a Qumran cave description, living there the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, a magnificent temple introduction, which discusses the establishment of Herod and the Romans in AD 70 to find the cave temples.

The functions of the must-see of the Holy Land Experience is a sports picture, tells the story of Esther. "One Night with the King" follows a young girl who rose from peasant to princess against the culture and to seek, rather than the wealth of the kingdom, the king's heart. The Bible also related to life, combining live theater and music performances. The following is the official Web site said the show:. "Our live performance and production history to drama and music are for indoor entertainment show with the original dialogue, music and lyrics outdoor, these presentations is the core part of the embassy to convey the truth of the Gospel Word of God."

In live performances include: Moses, the Canaanites, the Ministry of Jesus Christ and the Last Supper wedding. Not all of the programs was to present all day, schedule is subject to change, so you must consult with the park to find the show you visit.

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