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Disney Good Luck Charlie - History Of The Disney Channel

Sister Teddy Charles kept a video diary to see when the little girl, she's older, she ends by saying: "Good luck, Charlie. "(Highlights of each program: the baby's name will initially be chrysanthemums, but the senior Worried about the title of a sissy name like the program will continue to see the boy, so they changed her name, gender-neutral Charlie.)

Disney Good Luck Charlie - History Of The Disney Channel

For several decades, the name Disney has been paramount in American family entertainment. From the beginning, it started as a cartoon studio in the 1920's to eventually become the global conglomerate that it is today. Disney has not only found it's way into the heart's of children, but has managed to expand into a global television network phenomenon. As we are aware, The Disney Channel is an original American cable and satellite television network that has nevertheless, expanded worldwide. It consists of more than 90 kid friendly channels available in 30 different languages and 160 countries around the world.

Disney Good Luck Charlie - History Of The Disney Channel

The network is owned by Disney-ABC Television Group, directly associated with The Walt Disney Company. Disney applies the combination of its competencies and principles to constantly produce distinguishing value for its customers with different platform brands. Those consist of: Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Cinemagic, Radio Disney, and Hungama TV. The Disney Channel is typically categorized as a kid-friendly network. Although this is true, Disney Original Movies and series are amusing enough for parents at the same time, making The Disney Channel a wonderful fit for quality time with the family. For many of us, watching The Wonderful World of Disney in it's earlier years after dinner with a big bowl of popcorn was a cherished event. Over the years, Disney has premiered and produced many movies of which have been branded as Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM) as opposed to Disney Channel Premier Films in it's early years. Several Disney Channel Original Movies were chosen as top movies for all ages including: Heidi, Snow White, The Parent Trap, and High School Musical, bringing back memories of our childhoods when Disney was a time shared with family and friends.

Disney Good Luck Charlie - History Of The Disney Channel

Not only is The Disney Channel recognized for their Classic and entertaining Original Movies, but for their original sitcoms and series that have become extremely popular within the Disney realm and modern TV entertainment. Disney Channel sitcoms are mostly geared toward teenagers and elementary students with shows like Hannah Montana, Aaron Stone, and Good Luck Charlie. Playhouse Disney features classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and shows such as Jungle Junction, Handy Manny, Imagination Movers, and Little Einsteins for Pre-school aged children. By January 2010 Playhouse Disney will have accommodated a new name as "Disney Junior" and will have it's own digital cable and satellite channel replacing the SOAP net channel. This will inevitably place Disney Junior in direct competition with Nickelodeon and Nick Junior along with Comcast's PBS Kid's Sprout.

Disney will always be esteemed by children of all ages as it was ranked number one for 63 consecutive months amongst children ages 6-11 and for the 62nd consecutive month for teenagers aged 9-14. The DC not only is ranked number one amongst these demographics, but also is the second most watched cable channel during primetime airing. The Disney Channel offers many distinctive varieties for every age group and its shows and Original Movies are entertaining enough for adults. The opportunity for people of all ages to obtain valuable lessons enables quality discussion and allocation with an entertaining atmosphere that lives up to that family nature that Disney originally intended to do.

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