Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

In addition to bronze "Partners such as " Cinderella, Walt Disney and Mickey Moue front of the castle, an excellent photo site! , There are bronze statue of Roy Disney Minnie O sat near the park entrance.

Disney world magic kingdom
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom image


Magic Kingdom Park, a series of so-called construction of the tunnel at the top of utilidors, referred to as "utility corridor"for the park employees ("cast members") or "staff " to reach the region, not to be found outside the country park visitors in the park.

Walt Disney thought about these utilodors, some time, he hoped that tourists feel the magic, will not be disappointed to see Mickey Mouse or any other character in a relaxed position!

Walt disney world parks
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom image


This means that the risk to performers clothing will never appear in the Main Street USA, for example, which comes from a forum to Disneyland and found a cowboy walk into tomorrow land frontier land.

Walt disney world florida

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom image

The utilidors is built on the ground, high water table in Florida, the region filled with dirt from around the "Seven Seas Lagoon, "which is being in front of the Park and the Magic Kingdom itself is built on top.

Walt disney world resort magic kingdom
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom image

This means that, technically speaking, the ground floor, the "Magic Kingdom"is actually the second floor. The utilidors originally planned for each park, but due to financial constraints, they did not use any other Walt Disney World theme parks.

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  1. They do such a nice job at WDW. Wish it was more in my budget...


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