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The Greatest Theme parks in Florida

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Universal Studios is the world's second largest tourist resort in the state, and the old China's biggest competitor. The resort consists of two theme parks, Universal Plaza (this is a night time entertainment center), and three hotels. Obvious benefits to remain in their private resort hotel, but the local rent is the better choice if you are looking for some serious cut the cost of your vacation dollar.

Universal Studios Florida theme park is the first open and the two theme parks that allow visitors to "take the movie." Most of the attractions, the park is based on famous movies or TV shows. The key attractions? Revenge of the Mummy: This is awesome indoor roller coaster ride, there are some 3d/4d riding such as Terminator 2: Battle across time and space and Shrek three dimensional, they have tons of other rides and attractions based on films such as As a black male, Jaws and ET the only attraction is not based on a Hollywood movie or show is a rip Rockit roller coaster ride with a unique twist.

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disneyland florida and beyond

SeaWorld Orlando is not only a theme park, but the marine life of the animal park. It also has a separate water park and a place called Dolphin Protection of Aquatic called Discovery Bay. There are many major parks Sea World animals, exhibitions, recreational facilities, and live performances. Aquatic is the latest water park, water park with the general features, such as water tanks and swimming pools. Take dolphin signature pad with twin water-skiing experience pool Commersons dolphins. Discovery Bay is a place where people can and aquatic organisms. Visitors can arrange to swim with dolphins. They teach the dolphin trainers, through all health and safety procedures, and how to display the gesture is enhanced to encourage the dolphins to perform tricks. Swimming lasts about 30 minutes, guests will get a photo with the dolphins.
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disneyland florida and beyond

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is located in an animal theme park is set in Africa. This is a park, a mixture of peace and tranquility of the African safari theme park with the adrenaline of the United States. They have a variety of wild animals: gorillas and chimpanzees, lions, hippos and a lot more birds and beasts. Mainly in the park take Montu, Kumba, Sheikra and Gwazi been a roller coaster of four highly praised in many awards. You can say it's Sea World

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